Success Stories

Jeff McClintic

Super thankful for this community. I started my journey at the beginning of October and so far I’ve got 5 clients that have paid their setup fees and just landed a client who’s paying $1500 a month starting December 1!
The mentorship on this platform has been outstanding! Thank you! They’re right when they say if you put yourself out there, keep taking risks, and selling yourself to people it actually works. The client who signed up for $1500 a month literally said, “there’s something different about you. I’m down to start paying $1509 a month without seeing any of your work.” It was pretty surreal.
Excited to keep goin! I’ve got goals I’ve gotta hit!

Aleasha Bahr

Cory long’s program is the best of its kind I have ever seen. There are a lot of courses out there that show you how to do this type of stuff but the level of support they provide on the back end makes the difference. This is not “here’s a course, figure it out, and if you can’t thats your problem.” This is a Christian community of entrepreneurs with an abundance of coaching calls with people who really care about getting you there. Having extra monthly income from DSF has allowed me to pursue mission work and other volunteer activities that make the world a better place without putting stress on my family. Thank you!

Alan Merton

As a contractor in Dallas, Texas for 12 years, time is never enough. I spend a lot of time going to appointments and working at jobsites. I have been searching for an online business for a very long time until now. DSF has been a huge blessing to us. The Lord has used DSF as a way through which His provision flows, for our family to spend more time together, to work from any location, and to engage in more opportunities for discipleship. DSF has also equipped us to provide solutions to other business owners, help them grow their businesses, and create more jobs. We are deeply thankful to Cory and DSF.

Cassie Blessing

I came across DSF and Cory last June. I had been thinking for months about how I wished I could make more money to support the ministries that I was working for. One night in June, this video pops of Cory and he’s explaining how to be a digital tent maker. I remember being skeptical but still extremely curious. After meeting with one of the team members, I joined DSF. I am so glad I did! Last August I started my own business and I am already serving several clients and helping my ministries in ways I didn’t even know existed. I am making more money without adding a ton of extra hours to my work week. The best part is, I know this is just the tip of the iceberg. The more I talk to people in the DSF group and attend the virtual meetings, the more I realize that this business can be as big as I want it to be. I am so grateful for the financial freedom we are already experiencing. We’re almost completely debt free and I just enrolled both of my kids in private, Christian school. God is good!

Tim Smecler

It had always been my dream to start my own business, but I couldn’t figure out what type of business I could start and have some success. As someone who had spent nearly the last two decades in vocational ministry, I didn’t feel like I was good enough at any one thing, especially good enough to start a business. I have always been a “techy” person, but I would have never thought about starting a marketing business until I began to see Cory Long’s Facebook Ads. As I began to research and listen to what Cory had to say about his training, one thing stood out to me from other similar training. Cory was very clear; this is not some “get rich quick” scheme. He was willing to train you and help you develop a skill, but it would take a lot of work on your part to be successful! It was refreshing to have someone be upfront that buying is program was not enough; you had to put in the work! Cory Long is the real deal! His genuine heart for people and desire to see people succeed is evident every time I am with him on a webinar or live event. When I look at other training similar to Cory’s, it’s all about the cars, the houses, and the money. However, with Cory, it’s all about using your business as a tool to make an impact. I am so glad that I crossed paths with Cory, and I look forward to what is in store for my business, all because of Cory Long and his heart-felt compassion to see people reach their goals and fulfill their dreams!

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