A Journey of Transformation - Together

Welcome into the world where entrepreneurship meets Kingdom work! Where faith meets purpose, and business becomes a conduit for positive change. At the heart of my journey lies a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of living a life guided by Christian principles.

I invite you to join me in this journey of faith, entrepreneurship, and community building. Whether you're seeking to grow your business, develop your marketing skills, or find a way to merge your professional life with your spiritual values, I humbly hope my story can be a testament to what's possible when you align your work with a higher purpose.

Together, let's embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and transform the world around us, one act of faith at a time. My mission – where your business and faith walk hand in hand toward a brighter, more meaningful future.


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Yroc Consulting is a national digital marketing agency that Cory and Michelle founded in 2014. Yroc's name (pronounced Y-rock) is a story that has roots back in the 1980's. It involves a personally monogrammed belt that Cory wore backward which his brothers would read as 'Yroc'

With 20 years of hands-on internet marketing experience, Yroc Consulting continues building and growing multiple businesses (both for-profit and non-profit), along with professional and continuing marketing education. With numerous wins (and fails to accompany) Cory and his team at Yroc Consulting developed a solid recipe for search engine ranking that proves successful for clients time and time again. They offer digital marketing services for website design, search engine optimization, Facebook advertising, and lead generation.

Although this phrase gets thrown around a lot, Cory and his team take a personal interest in their client’s success; not only because the business can only succeed if their customers succeed, but they all really enjoy what we do! They consider it an art form to craft custom SEO plans, design unique business websites, and develop new and innovative ways to drive leads to the inbox.

In fact, they spend time together weekly as a staff praying for and discussing and mapping out the best plans and methods for each individual client.

Digital Marketing is a Life-Changing Strategy

Digital Storefronts allows students to change their lives. Wouldn’t you love the ability to free up your time, spend more of that time with your family, and make money simultaneously? If you want that goal to become a reality, you’re at the right place. Digital marketing is a thriving business model. Businesses must rely on the internet as their primary mode of marketing because they have to be where people are – and people are on the internet constantly. Digital Storefronts puts you in the driver’s seat to help businesses grow and free up your time.

With in-depth training, and amazing support from coaches and current students, your ability to begin a thriving business is here at your fingertips. The world of internet marketing will continue to grow, and Cory aims to help people like you know how to leverage the internet to produce leads, grow online businesses, and help you be an amazing digital marketing expert.

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