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Do We Have To Choose Between Work or Jesus?

Are your beliefs serving you? Are you choosing distractions or Jesus? Have you got caught up in the hustle and grind culture? In this Kingdom Impact Call, Cory Long shares 2 different stories in Scripture where the Beliefs of the characters drive their actions in a way that Jesus redirects them. Cory walks us through personal stories and Scripture to show how we carry conflicting beliefs many times, which cause us not to get to our goals or dreams. We have to identify these beliefs and take hold of them so we can start to make a clear path of thinking and action to get to our God-sized goals.

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Unlocking Generosity: A Journey Through “To Love Is To Give”

In a world teeming with materialism and a never-ending pursuit of more, Cory Long presents a transformative book, “To Love Is To Give,” beckoning readers to rediscover the profound connection between love and generosity. This work is not merely a book; it’s a call to action, a spiritual journey, and a profound exploration by Long of what it means to live generously in alignment with divine principles. Navigating the complex landscape of faith, money, and the human heart with wisdom, clarity, and an invitation to transformation, Long offers a compelling narrative that resonates deeply in today’s context.

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